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These documents  include a selection of interviews and articles by and about Ian Milliss and his work. The context group contains a range of articles that reflect similar political or philosophical positions.

CAS Broadsheet 1970

Ian Milliss interviewed by Tim Johnson.

National Library 1972

Ian Milliss interviewed by Hazel de Berg for the National Library Oral History Project.

Inhibodress Obituary
CAS Broadsheet 1972

Ian Milliss on the closure of conceptual art flagship Inhibodress Gallery.

New Artist?
National Gallery of Victoria 1973

Object and Idea exhibition catalogue essay written by Ian Milliss to explain his refusal to show any work in the exhibition.

In Memory of Victoria Street
The City Squatter 1974

A brief history of the Victoria Street squats by Ian Milliss and Teresa Brennan, lead article from The City Squatter, a newspaper published by the squatters after their forcible removal.

The Barricades
The City Squatter 1974

Article by Ian Milliss describing the barricades built by the squatters to defend the Victoria Street buildings from attack by police and the developers thugs.

Radicalism As Conservatism: Some notes on the avant-garde
Mildura Sculpture Triennial 1976

An article by Ian Milliss for an unnamed Mildura Sculpture Triennial publication describing his utilitarian approach to political art.

White Elephant or Red Herring 1978

The lead article of White Elephant or Red Herring where Ian Milliss and Vivienne Binns describe the lengthy campaign and tortuous negotiations for representation of Australian and women artists in the Sydney Biennale.

Don't Moan, Organise!
White Elephant or Red Herring 1978

The article by Ian Milliss and Ian Burn calling for an artists organisation that led the formation of the Artworkers Union.

Art and Working Life 1983
ACTU/Australia Council

The text of an ACTU/Australia Council publication on the Art and Working Life program by Ian Milliss and Ian Burn.

An Impossible Vision: Conceptual Art in the '70s
On The Beach 1989

Tim Johnson looks back on the 1970s and the birth of Australian conceptual art

Before Utopia 1993

Ian Milliss interviewed by Helen Grace for Before Utopia, her CD-ROM history of the Artworkers Union.

Tribute to Ian Burn
Trade Union Arts Officers Conference 1993

A tribute to Ian Burn delivered by Ian Milliss to a Trade Union Arts Officers Conference reflecting on their years of collaborative work.

Take Your Place: notes on current criticism of contemporary art: no. 2
sydneyartseen blog 2005

Gail Hastings on criticism, minimalism and the unexpected relevance of early writings by Ian Milliss.